Handmade Necklace - Radio Image of the Crab Nebula

Handmade Necklace - Radio Image of the Crab Nebula

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Handmade Necklace - Radio Image of the Crab Nebula

Image by the Hubble Heritage Team

Vintage handmade pendant with an image of Radio Image of the Crab Nebula under a clear glass dome. 

The pendant is about an inch in diameter(25mm) and comes with a ~24"(~60cm) chain.

Available in a choice of two finishes:



Material: alloy

Colors may vary slightly depending on the configuration of your screen.

Due to the handmade nature of these items there might be slight differences. Please allow for slight variations.

About this image:

The Crab Nebula, located in the constellation of Taurus, is the remnant of a supernova in 1054 AD, observed as a "guest star" by ancient Chinese astronomers. The nebula is roughly 10 light-years across, and it is at a distance of about 6,000 light years from earth. It is presently expanding at about 1000 km per second. The supernova explosion left behind a rapidly spinning neutron star, or a pulsar (not discernible in this image).

The present remnant is formed from both the material originally thrown off by the star in the supernova explosion, and from a highly energetic wind from the pulsar. It is this wind which energises the nebula, and causes it to emit the radio waves which formed this image. Near the centre, plasma waves move outward from the pulsar at speeds up to half the speed of light.

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