Handmade Necklace - The Colorful Demise of a Sun-like Star

Handmade Necklace - The Colorful Demise of a Sun-like Star

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Handmade Necklace - The Colorful Demise of a Sun-like Star

Image by the Hubble Heritage Team

Vintage handmade pendant with image of The Colorful Demise of a Sun-like Star under a clear glass dome. 

Pendant is about an inch in diameter(25mm) and comes with a ~24"(~60cm) chain.

Available in a choice of two finishes:



Material: alloy

Colors may vary slightly depending on the configuration of your screen.

Due to the handmade nature of these items there might be slight differences. Please allow for slight variations.

About this image:

This image, taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, shows the colorful "last hurrah" of a star like our Sun. The star is ending its life by casting off its outer layers of gas, which formed a cocoon around the star's remaining core. Ultraviolet light from the dying star makes the material glow. The burned-out star, called a white dwarf, is the white dot in the center. Our Sun will eventually burn out and shroud itself with stellar debris, but not for another 5 billion years.

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