About Us

We are a small community of diverse minds. While we each strive to bring our individuality to our writing and artistry, we are equally committed to furthering intelligence in every way: emotional intelligence, curiosity, spiritual exploration, intellectualism and much more. We celebrate our intrinsic differences and similarities and cultivate an uncanny zest for life, which we find in the pursuit of intelligence. Within this common thread we seek to further explore, and continue to share our discoveries with the world. This small group of artists and writers represents 3 of this planet’s continents, 4 nations and unlimited aspirations.


We all grew up in a world that saw intelligence as “nerdy”, “odd” and definitely “uncool”. As the perspective on intelligence continues to shift, we revel in the opportunities provided by the Information Age and the Internet of Things in sharing our abundant zeal for intelligence: cleverness, sarcasm, smarts, brains, IQ, EQ, non-conformity and mostly, whatever being you means to you. We’re the hipsters of the movement to embrace intelligence: we knew it was cool a long time ago, and we’re so glad you’ve caught up with us.


Intelligence is much more than cool. Intelligence is vibrant. Intelligence is powerful. Intelligence is sexy.